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Delivering Smarter Testing to Drive Your Trial Forward

We specialize in delivering high-quality central laboratory testing services designed to optimize your clinical trial outcomes. Through a powerful combination of robust global capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service, ACM Global acts as an extension of your clinical team to develop and execute Smarter Testing strategies that keep your clinical development programs moving forward.

Robust Global Capabilities

Since 1997, we've provided central laboratory services for over 2,300 clinical studies, involving more than 7,000 investigator sites in over 60 countries, giving us a broad range of global experience and an in-depth understanding of regional requirements. In fact, global studies account for more than 60% of our central laboratory business, making us experts in study logistics. We can help you navigate the complexities of transporting samples globally by validating compliance with local regulations, managing your couriers and shipments and providing shipping options that optimize cost and efficiency.

Operational & Scientific Expertise

We've specialized in clinical laboratory science for more than 40 years and have one of the strongest operations and scientific staff in the industry. Our more than 550 laboratory professionals worldwide, many of whom have been with us for 15 years or more, perform over 15 million tests a year spanning all diagnostic disciplines, from pathology, microbiology and molecular diagnostics to flow cytometry, specialized biomarkers and pharmacogenomics.

Unsurpassed Service

Our reputation for building long-standing client and partner relationships comes from the unsurpassed service we provide through a set of Guiding Principles that are applied to every step throughout the course of your study. We combine these principles with a hands-on, Consultative Approach and Smarter Testing strategies to give you the confidence to make informed decisions and meet your study’s objectives.

With 75% of all new studies awarded coming from clients we've worked with in the past two years, we value our relationships and are committed to working as your long-term partner to achieve successful study outcomes.

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