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Toxicology Services

We provide innovative and comprehensive drug testing services

ACM offers one of the most comprehensive drug testing menus and most responsive and flexible client services groups in the drug testing industry, as well as among the highest quality assurance.


Since 1975, ACM Global Laboratories has been providing a wide range of drug testing services, including:

  • Drugs of abuse testing for drug and alcohol treatment centers
  • Monitoring for prescription drug use


ACM Global Laboratories has added to its portfolio with the strategic acquisition of Philadelphia-based DRUGSCAN and DSI Medical Services, Inc. DRUGSCAN is a best-in-breed toxicology laboratory testing company with a 30-year track record of delivering innovative medication monitoring solutions to healthcare providers across the United States. As toxicology testing demand grows in the wake of the national opioid epidemic, innovative companies like DRUGSCAN will help providers manage and treat patients with complex medication needs. Adding DRUGSCAN to the ACM Global Laboratories portfolio positions ACM Global Laboratories to lead the way on the front lines of the opioid crisis across the nation.


Toxicology Services

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    Toxicology Services

    Drugs of Abuse Testing

    Most up-to-date substance abuse testing options, a test menu featuring more than 1,700 assays, and the highest quality results.

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    Toxicology Services

    Prescription Drug Monitoring

    Advanced testing platforms, including LC/MS/MS, LDTD, GS/MS, to detect hundreds of prescription medications, illicit drugs, and illegal designer drugs. 

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Did You Know?

ACM delivers a powerful combination of robust testing capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service to aid healthcare decisions.