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Prescription Drug Monitoring

Interpreting toxicology test results and applying that information in the management of patients suffering from chronic pain can be a challenge. Our lab reports will provide easy identification of patients that are compliant with the prescribed regimen, and alert you of any results or contraindications that could jeopardize patient safety.



Low Level Detection Platforms

  • Advanced testing platforms, including LC/MS/MS, LDTD, GS/MS, are used to detect hundreds of prescription medications, illicit drugs, and illegal designer drugs; such as synthetic marijuana and stimulants. Seven days a week, our laboratory is working to meet client needs

The Right Choice; Sensible Options

  • Standard Panels, Single Tests, & Customizable Panel options
  • We have relationships with insurers and managed care organizations throughout the country to maximize
    patient benefits and limit out of pocket costs

Act Fast; Treat with Confidence

  • Rapid Report Technology means easy to interpret color reports are available online via our secure portal daily
  • Our reporting options have the ability to include up to the last 5 patient results to help you monitor compliance
    and progress
  • Advanced compliance reports are available to help clients identify trends or patterns within or across practices
  • A wide range of Data Management Reports are available on request to meet each client’s specific requirements.
microscope observing sample

Did You Know?

ACM delivers a powerful combination of robust testing capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service to aid healthcare decisions. 

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