ABS Laboratories Becomes ACM Bioanalytical Services

Rochester, NY and York, UK - ACM Global Laboratories, Inc. is pleased to announce the rebranding of ABS Laboratories to ACM Bioanalytical Services.

Founded over two decades ago by Drs. Colin Feyerabend and Mira Doig, ABS Laboratories was purchased by ACM Global Laboratories in 2018 as it expanded its central laboratory testing offerings for clinical trials to include bioanalytical services. ABS Laboratories, now ACM Bioanalytical Services, specializes in complex assay development and validation for the quantification of drugs, metabolites and biomarkers in biological samples used in pharmaceutical research and development.  

“The rebranding of ABS Laboratories to ACM Bioanalytical Services marks an exciting time of evolution for both companies,” said Brian Wright, President of ACM Global Laboratories. “This change represents our commitment to delivering the best bioanalytical services in the industry, and connects our companies into a unified whole.”

Over the course of three years, ACM Global Laboratories and ABS Laboratories have worked collaboratively to provide clients with accurate and actionable clinical insights that drive the direction of preclinical and clinical trial programs. Teams from both organizations work together to ensure projects are efficient and flexible, testing is accurate and study protocols are high-quality and compliant with current regulations. The combined technology and expertise provided by ACM and ABS has allowed the partnership to flourish, while ensuring patient-centricity in trial design.

 “This rebrand is an exciting next step in the growth and evolution of ABS,” said Mira Doig, PhD, ABS Laboratories technical director and laboratory manager. “Joining ACM has helped us to strengthen our commitment, passion and quality to help bring life-changing therapeutics to market.”  

ACM Bioanalytical Services will maintain all of its talented employees, equipment and location in York, UK.


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