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Supporting Your COVID-19 Clinical Trials Program

Partner with our global central laboratory to get a jump start on your COVID-19 study.

Committed to helping our research partners

As organizations and individuals around the world continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, we at ACM Global Laboratories are committed to helping our research partners work to quickly investigate vaccine and therapeutic solutions.

We provide you with the right blend of scientific experts, project managers, and other professionals ready to guide your COVID-19 clinical studies from inception to completion. 

Your Partner in Bioanalysis Support

ACM Bioanalysis services include:  

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    Method Development and Validation

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    Analysis of Innovators and Biosimilars

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    Anti-Drug Antibody and Neutralizing antibody analysis

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    Bioanalysis of samples originating from first in human clinical studies with quick turnaround times of results

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    Assay Feasibility Studies

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    Bioanalytical Method Transfer

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    Preclinical Research and Development and Clinical Research

Comprehensive Laboratory Support

With a worldwide network of wholly-owned facilities and strategic laboratory partners, we support clinical trials in more than 65 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, and China. We are a recognized leader in global clinical trials testing. As a full-service central laboratory we proudly offer these services that are managed by our teams of dedicated professionals:

  • Customized sample collection kits
  • Dedicated project management
  • Expert study set up
  • Global logistics solutions
  • Specimen management experts
  • Reliable specimen storage options 

With a focus on quality and the ability to provide the skills and bandwidth needed to deliver robust central laboratory services, our experts offer effective strategies and solutions to efficiently execute your global clinical trial. Please contact us to learn more about how we can facilitate your COVID-19 clinical trial program.