Cannabinoid Testing

Strategies to support a growing research area

Count on Reliable Cannabinoid Analysis

As a class of compounds, the cannabinoids have vast therapeutic potential, which has led to extensive scientific investigation.

For over a decade, our lab has used validated LC-MS/MS and GC-MS assay techniques to determine the bioavailability of various cannabinoids, and their metabolites, in a variety of different formulations and routes of administration.  

Quantitative Bioanalytical Solutions

We also support studies designed to investigate potential clinical applications of cannabinoids for the treatment of various health conditions such as oncology, metabolic diseases, pain, addiction, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and other therapeutic areas. 

With considerable experience supporting cannabinoid research and development from preclinical to Phase 1 through to Phase 3 studies, our scientists are able to assist you by offering a range of assays, including fully validated assays to support EMA/FDA submissions. 

We Offer Customized Assay Development

Our skilled experts have experience working with a variety of different matrices and species to support the research of CBD, THC and its metabolite, 11-hydroxy THC.

If you require specialized testing, we will work with you to develop bespoke assays for other cannabinoids and their metabolites.

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