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Site Training Resources

Introducing our newest enhancement to educating clinical trial sites

Clinical Trial Site Education Tools

ACM's site training program is comprised of modules designed to help optimize operations for sites involved in the collection, handling, packaging, and shipping of specimens to our lab for analysis. The self-led courses listed below can be distributed to site personnel as part of site initiation or as standalone mitigation efforts.

Site Onboarding Toolkit

ACM's Site Onboarding Toolkit is an interactive learning experience designed to educate site staff on best practices for specimen collection and handling. This all-inclusive course is an engaging and efficient way to ease the burden on busy sites, equipping them with the knowledge and resources needed to partner successfully with our central laboratory.

The course provides guidance on: 

  • Specimen collection and handling, including filling out requisition forms and collecting, labeling, packing, and shipping specimens 
  • Web Portal Navigation, ordering kits and supplies, and viewing and patient reports 
  • ACM's data inconsistency process 

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QuantiFERON TB Gold Site Training

The QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus Blood Collection and Handling Training is an interactive learning experience designed to help sites understand and manage the blood collection and handling process in efforts to reduce the failure rate and improve confidence in the results.

The course provides guidance on: 

  • Properly collecting and handling the sample
  • Incubating and centrifugation of the blood samples
  • Identifying sample rejection criteria

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Reduce Site Errors & Improve Confidence

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