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Clinical Specimen Collection Kits

Central Laboratory Testing Supply Kits for Easily Collecting Your Clinical Specimen

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Delivering Kits On Time and On Site

At ACM Global Laboratories, we understand the criticality of receiving your laboratory supplies intact and on time – that’s why we proactively source our own materials from a multitude of suppliers to reliably deliver our kits on site as promised. What’s more, we have a dedicated sourcing team who works to maintain a 60-90 day supply of kit stock items to help ensure consistent availability.

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The Benefits of Partnering with ACM

ACM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a larger $3 billion healthcare system, Rochester Regional Health. As a major benefit, we share and leverage systems, infrastructure and relationships which enable us to deliver actionable clinical insights that lead to therapies and treatments around the world. Top benefits also include:

Confidence in Our Kits

At ACM, we are mindful of a kit’s shelf life and how it impacts your study. That’s why we send every kit out the door with a multiple month expiry where possible, helping you to keep focused on the work instead of worrying about the shelf life of your materials.

We Fulfill Our Promises

Part of what makes us such a trusted partner is the fact that we only commit to the studies we know we can support. When it comes to bidding on a trial, ACM utilizes our in-house team to review and vet RFPs for availability of supply and work throughout the duration of study to help ensure timely delivery in adequate quantities.
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At ACM we deliver a highly tailored experience to our clients. As part of our core values, execution matters. Our clients count on our logistical excellence at a global scale, knowing their kits will be delivered intact, on time and on site. We’re proud to say our proven track record of kit building, coupled with open and transparent communication with our clients has helped us build trust, confidence, and respect.

Overview of Our Kit Supply Chain

ACM and our diligent team created a transparent end-to-end process to ensure our clients are satisfied with their kit experience.
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Global Purchasing

✓ Large Global network of suppliers with worldwide delivery capabilities

✓ Vendor relationship management and vendor qualification process, to ensure standard laboratory supplies and reagents for all testing portfolios

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Materials and Inventory Management

✓ Monitor and adjust the stocking levels based on reorder points, critical items, long lead time, supplier location and risk, expiration dates using our Inventory and Order Management Systems

✓ Communicate material issues in advance to PM and BD to notify clients

✓ Ensure mitigation plans are in place, to include alternate supply, increase safety stock, sourcing from other regions, escalate locally

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Kit Building and Shipping

✓ Available in-house in York, England and through a contracted vendor in Rochester, NY

✓ Capable of providing expedited services subject to order timing and complexity

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Courier Management

✓ Large Global network of couriers with worldwide pickup and delivery capabilities and temperature controlled shipments

✓ Daily shipping exceptions (delays) monitoring for kits and specimens

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✓ Periodic communication to PM & BD - or just in time for critical issues – about materials or shipping concerns

✓ Timely emails to sites to provide support and guidance for changes in instructions

Recognized Leader in Global Clinical Trial Testing

Here’s just a few reasons our clients love working with us and you will too.

Robust Global Capabilities

Global studies account for more than 60% of our central laboratory business. We can help navigate the complexities of transporting samples globally by validating compliance with local regulations, managing couriers and shipments and providing shipping options that optimize cost and efficiency.

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40 Years Experience

microbiology, flow cytometry, specialized biomarkers and pharmacogenomics. We also have robust teams for study and specimen management, IT services and more.

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Unsurpassed Service

Our reputation for building long-standing client and partner relationships comes from the unsurpassed service we provide. Our consultative approach gives our customers the confidence to make informed decisions and meet every study’s objectives.

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We’ve Got Your Kits Covered

We know that your kits are mission critical to your study. Our dedicated sourcing team works to ensure a minimum 60-90 day supply of materials for your kits so that we can keep your study running smoothly and deliver on your promises. In fact, due to our proven track record of kitting, ACM has taken on a number of kit rescue studies this year.

Compared to some labs sending kits with a one month expiry, ACM is mindful of a kit’s shelf life, which is why we work so hard to send every kit out the door with a multiple month expiry window wherever possible. Contact us now to discuss the needs for your clinical specimen collection kits.

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From the RFP process all the way to kit supplies and delivery, at ACM we do things differently. We’ll treat you with the focus you deserve so your study runs smoothly and successfully.
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