Controlled Substance Analysis

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Regulated Drug Bioanalysis for Human PK Studies

Our laboratory has built a strong reputation for our work relevant to the bioanalysis and accurate quantification of controlled substances.

We also provide analytical services to specialist investigators throughout the UK in the management of addiction.

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Other capabilities include the PK analysis of plasma samples to support studies involving new delivery systems for existing opiates (e.g. diamorphine, morphine, methadone, and their antagonists; naloxone and naltrexone) and methods that enable the bioanalysis of cannabis-derived medicines.

Other focus areas include supporting research to investigate the efficacy of ketamine administration to individuals with alcoholism.

We Offer a Variety of Validated Assays

The experienced chemists at ACM are skilled at developing and applying bioanalytical methods to assay numerous different compounds and can perform your studies with efficiency and precision.

As your partner, we offer you a broad range of specialized services, including full method development and method validation.

Controlled Substance Analysis

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