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ACM Global Laboratories is highly experienced in the use of flow cytometry to observe the behavior of the immune system during clinical trials. As specialists, we work closely with our clients to design and develop new assays. In pre-clinical trials, flow cytometry can screen multiple patients for cellular markers that may have prognostic or therapeutic value. In clinical trials, cells carrying markers of interest can be identified and enumerated.

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Decades of Experience

With more than 40 years of experience and 550 laboratory professionals, we efficiently manage and provide expert analysis for your clinical trial research programs. Our experts include a staff of flow cytometry specialists, 23 pathologists, a director of microbiology and dedicated project managers.

Whether your interest in cell subpopulations requires our full design and development services, or you know exactly what antibodies and markers you require, we can help. We perform more than 30 million tests annually, with a test menu featuring more than 1,700 assays. Since 1994, we have provided central laboratory services for more than 2,300 clinical studies involving over 7,000 investigator sites.

Best Assays for Your Needs

We work alongside our clients to ensure that our assays are the best for their particular needs. We are experts at providing:
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Custom-designed assays that are already set up and validated
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Secure and stable sample shipment using fixative tubes
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Access to LMD (raw data) files

More Value

Our flow cytometry tests are also valuable tools in the areas of rheumatology; cell signaling; cell viability and live-dead discrimination; rare-event analysis; and multiplexed bead arrays. Other advances that contribute to efficiencies in flow cytometry include pre-optimized cocktailed panels and fluorochromes with increased brightness and sensitivity.

The Right Tool for Specific Types of Trials

Our facilities feature the Beckman Coulter Navios clinical flow cytometry system. The Navios is a fast and accurate digital system that includes three spatially separated, solid-state diode lasers and a 12-detector system, allowing the simultaneous detection of up to 10 colors, in addition to forward and side scatter, and the acquisition of powerful and precise data.

ACM Global Laboratories has demonstrated the value of flow cytometry in studies where an expected change exists in either cell populations or expressions of markers within a cell subpopulation. Our ability to provide precise cell phenotyping at different time points within a study provides important insight into the response of the immune system to the trial.

Putting More Time on Your Side

Contract research organizations, principal investigators and scientists can feel confident knowing their samples will be collected and shipped to our labs, without impact to the data they produce. Our use of specialized fixative draw tubes increases the stability of cell markers within cell populations, whereas this was once typically limited to 24 to 48 hours, making centralizing difficult. This increased stability allows for shipment delays, shipping from remote locations, or other time or logistics challenges.

Additionally, a wide range of data management reports are available on request to meet each client’s specific requirements.

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Whether your interest in cell subpopulations requires our full design and development services, or you know exactly what antibodies and markers you require, we can help.
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