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A Comprehensive Approach to your Rescue Study

Course correct your study with a global partner.

Mapping a Path to Success for Rescue Studies

Despite careful preparation, unforeseen issues can arise in the course of a clinical trial.

Sometimes it’s a matter of resource shortages, either internal or external. Other times it’s the derailment of a study timeline due to the need for additional clinical services that are necessary but unaccounted for at the start of a project. It can even be as simple as another contracted party becoming unable to fulfill on expectations.

Whatever the case, it’s nearly impossible to plan for every possible factor that could disrupt the course of a clinical trial – and sometimes despite the best laid plans, a trial finds itself in need of a rescue party.

Getting Your Clinical Research On Course

Whether you are experiencing issues in your current study with regard to compliance, quality, resources and/or timelines, ACM Global Laboratories offers a comprehensive rescue service for any aspect of your clinical trial – no matter the stage.

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Our Process

At ACM, we understand that each study is unique and therefore every rescue study must be carefully crafted to fill distinctive needs.
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A Detailed Review and Personalized Plan

The Rescue Team at ACM will conduct a thorough review of your current study to develop a customized plan to course correct, with a careful focus on the quality and expertise your study demands.

Analyzing the Cause and Implementing Success

The Rescue Team will review the core issue(s), conduct a root cause analysis, assess the management of vendors and review all necessary data in assembling a corrective and preventative plan to ensure your goals are met.

Overview of Our Approach

These are the steps we take with each rescue study.
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Validate laboratory testing methods to ensure study continuity
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Provide easy access to dedicated project management team member and a responsive project manager
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Develop reporting and schedule weekly and ad hoc meetings as needed
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Create transition plans for sites, as patients will continue to follow protocol visits

Effectively Aligning Resources

We partner with you to make sure we’re the right fit as we work to align the right resources to get your study back on track and deliver according to submission timelines. This includes:
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Completing a risk assessment that looks at the issues they’re facing with their current lab and provides our solutions to mitigate those issues

testing kits

Partnering on custom kit development and ensuring on-time kit delivery

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Coordinating a global logistics plan that gets the sites the supplies they need, when they need them

Why Choose ACM to Rescue Your Study

You wouldn’t navigate the open waters with a broken compass, so don’t trust your rescue study to just any central lab. Choose the lab with a global footprint and decades of successful clinical trial and rescue study experience. Choose a lab that values flexibility, communication, and transparency – a lab that will be honest and accountable.

No one wants to find themselves in need of a rescue study, but nevertheless these things can and do happen. When they do, ACM is ready and able to provide the highest level of guidance with a personal approach, to ensure that your study gets back on track quickly and efficiently.

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We’re Ready to Help

No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your trial, ACM has the expertise and ability to step in at any point to get your study back on track.
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