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Central Lab Services

Leading the way in supporting Central Lab testing

Helping you optimize your next clinical trial program

Each clinical trial program must be customized to address unique specifications and challenges. By partnering with ACM Global Laboratories, our scientific experts, project managers, and other professionals are available to help you obtain the information needed to make data-driven decisions about your clinical trials program from inception to completion.

Leverage our experience to support your goals

ACM Global is a recognized leader in global clinical trials testing. Through wholly-owned facilities or our network of partner labs, we support clinical trials in more than 65 countries.

Since 1975, ACM has remained steadfast in our mission to deliver actionable clinical insights that lead to therapies and treatments that provide health, healing, and hope to patients around the world. We are committed to forming research partnerships built on technical know-how, flexibility, and a focus on customer service. With a global network of nearly 600 laboratory professionals, we provide the skill and bandwidth to deliver central laboratory services spanning several therapeutic areas.

By your side, every step of the study

From the onset, our scientific and analytical experts work as an extension of your team to understand the specific testing requirements, dynamics, and intricacies of your study. We'll help you plan the optimal study and test menu design, anticipate your needs and respond quickly to your requests. This approach provides complete transparency throughout the process, so you are assured of the relevance, accuracy and timeliness of your testing data.

Leading edge of testing innovation

We perform more than 30 million diagnostic tests each year, using the most up-to-date and appropriate testing options to ensure we deliver the assay endpoints your study requires. Our test menu features 1,700+ individual tests spanning all medical disciplines, including routine safety testing, pathology, microbiology and molecular diagnostics, biomarker analysis, bioanalytical services, flow cytometry and immunoassays, toxicology and COVID-19 research. 93% of requested testing is performed in-house.

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Through a combination of robust global clinical laboratory capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service, we are your partner in developing and executing Smarter Testing strategies that optimize your clinical development projects.



Comprehensive Central Lab Services

  • Routine Safety Testing

    The cornerstone to successful clinical trials is reliable routine safety testing. ACM Global has vast experience supporting international Phase I – IV trials for multiple therapeutic areas

    Routine Safety Testing
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    Pathology Services

    Our network of in-house pathologists has expertise in a range of subspecialties and offers both anatomic and digital pathology services.

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    Microbiology & Molecular Diagnostics

    Our experts have outstanding knowledge of the complete analytical cycle of clinical microbiology and can efficiently manage and provide expert analysis for your clinical trial research programs.

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  • Biomarker Analysis

    The Immunology and Clinical Biomarkers Lab within ACM can support your preclinical and clinical drug development efforts

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  • Bioanalytical Services

    Partner with a fully-accredited bioanalytical lab that specializes in LC-MS/MS techniques for measuring drugs and their metabolites at picogram concentrations in biological matrices. Our analytical chemists specialize in Bioanalysis to support Pharmacokinetic Studies, Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Testing, Nicotine and Smoking Research, Cannabinoid Testing and other Bioanalytical services.

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    DRUGSCAN, a part of the ACM portfolio, is a national toxicology laboratory that delivers a range of solutions to improve patient care; from medical management and drug testing to enhancing pharmaceutical drug development through Category 1 abuse-deterrent studies.

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    COVID-19 Research Studies

    As organizations and individuals around the world continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, we at ACM Global Laboratories are committed to helping our research partners work to quickly investigate vaccine and therapeutic solutions.

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What you can expect from ACM

ACM Global offers a wide range of central lab services that support regulatory submissions, preclinical studies, and clinical trials. Our company tailors services to facilitate the specific goals of your program.
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Global support services to enable your clinical trials

ACM Global Laboratories has a broad range of global experience and an in-depth understanding of regional requirements. Our impressive footprint allows us to support trials running in major cities, as well as in the most remote corners of the world.

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