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Central Lab Services

 Your partner in developing and executing Smarter Testing strategies

We provide the optimal test mix and specialized services to meet the needs of your trial.

Through a combination of robust global clinical laboratory capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service, we are your partner in developing and executing Smarter Testing strategies that optimize your clinical development projects. Our goal is to provide the optimal test mix and specialized services to successfully meet the requirements of your trial in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible..

By your side, every step of the study.

From the onset, our scientific and analytical experts work as an extension of your team to understand the specific testing requirements, dynamics, and intricacies of your study. In doing so, we’re able to help better plan the optimal study and test menu design, anticipate your needs and respond quickly to your requests. This approach provides complete transparency throughout the process, so you are assured of the relevance, accuracy and timeliness of your testing data. During every step of a study, our scientific affairs, logistics and project management teams are there to offer hands-on consultation on everything from test selection and results interpretation to sample handling and transport, leading to Smarter Testing and analysis.

Leading Edge of Testing Innovation

We perform more than 30 million diagnostic tests each year, using the most up-to-date and appropriate testing options to ensure we deliver the assay endpoints your study requires. Our test menu features 1,700+ individual tests spanning all medical disciplines, including pathology, microbiology and molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, specialized biomarkers, and pharmacogenomics. 93% of requested testing is performed in-house, offering further operational and financial efficiencies.  A wide range of data management reports are available on request to meet your specific requirements.

Logistics and Operations Expertise

Smarter Testing requires smarter processes for delivering test samples in a timely manner to ensure specimen integrity. Our experts understand the logistical challenges associated with managing a global study with hundreds of sites. We will keep your trial on track by conducting and managing all study activities from state-of-the-art lab facilities with a seamless data management process producing a single global database.

Central Lab Services

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    Central Lab Services

    Anatomic Pathology

    Fellowship-trained, subspecialty diagnosticians regularly see a wide variety of complex surgical pathology cases work with more than 98,000 surgical pathology specimens and 60,000 cytology specimens a year. 

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    Central Lab Services

    Digital Pathology

    Through the use of Whole Slide Imaging (WSI), we can digitize entire microscopic slides, making the images available to our large network of 23 in-house pathologists, as well as to consultants across the country.

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    Central Lab Services


    ACM maintains a central microbiology lab with a sizeable diagnostic lab. Our experts have outstanding knowledge of the complete analytical cycle of clinical microbiology.

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    Central Lab Services

    Flow Cytometry

    ACM Global Laboratories is highly experienced in the use of flow cytometry to observe the behavior of the immune system during clinical trials. 

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    Central Lab Services

    Biomarker Testing

    ABS Laboratories uses advanced methodologies to study biomarkers in the evaluation of a drug’s performance in patients receiving treatment who are in clinical trials.

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ACM delivers a powerful combination of robust testing capabilities, operational and scientific expertise and unsurpassed service to aid healthcare decisions.