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At ACM Global Laboratories we’ve recently streamlined laboratory services at our ACM US Clinical Trials Laboratory located on Elmgrove Rd Rochester, NY. Previously, ACM at Elmgrove oversaw both clinical trial laboratory testing and general diagnostic testing. This diagnostic testing has now been transitioned over to Rochester Regional Health, which means the Elmgrove location is solely focused on clinical trial laboratory testing.

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What’s Changed?

All medical diagnostic testing has been moved to Rochester Regional Health laboratory facilities, enabling ACM to focus solely on clinical trial laboratory testing.

What’s the Same?

Our core testing capabilities have remained the same including our test menu, hours of operation, instrumentation, and our drive to serve our patients and clients.


lab equipment

Clinical Trials US Laboratory

This includes the following instrumentation and capabilities:

  • CS-2500 – these coagulation analyzers run tests such as Prothrombin and INR
  • XN-3100
  • AUWI Pro
  • Immuno-Chemistry analyzers
  • ADVIA Centaur
molecular lab

DRUGSCAN Molecular Lab (Horsham, PA) 

With a focus on COVID testing, our new and enhanced molecular lab includes:

  • NP Swab by TaqPath Combo Kit and QS7 detection (Quant Studio 7),
  • Rheonix back up instrumentation
  • 3 additional King Fisher Extraction Instruments
  • 2 7500 ThermoCycler/Detection Systems


At DRUGSCAN accuracy and customer service are the top priorities. DRUGSCAN offers trusted drug testing technologies that detect specific and designer drugs, using urine and oral fluid testing platforms to accommodate provider and patient needs.

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