ACM Advanced Sample Tracking Services

Advanced Sample Tracking Services

Improving clinical supply and sample management with ACM Global Laboratories' ASTS

Transforming Clinical Supply Chains

At ACM Global Laboratories, we understand the critical importance of precise sample tracking in clinical trials. That's why we're highlighting our Advanced Sample Tracking Services (ASTS), crafted to revolutionize the management of your clinical trial samples.

Active tracking, a groundbreaking combination of GPS and RFID technologies, lies at the heart of our approach. This cutting-edge system provides real-time monitoring and holistic visibility into your clinical trial supply chains. With active tracking, you'll gain immediate insights into sample movements, enabling swift detection of any discrepancies or issues.

Imagine streamlining your clinical trial processes with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy. ACM's Advanced Sample Tracking Services offer just that—empowering you to maintain the integrity of your trials while accelerating your research.

ACM's Advanced Sample Tracking Services

Discover ACM Global Laboratories' ASTS featuring customized service levels with GPS shipment tracking, dedicated healthcare supply chains for visibility, live view of the supply chain from manufacturing to distribution, and enhanced 24/7 shipment monitoring through next-gen sensors.
Service Levels

Customized Service Levels

Clinical trials require custom logistics solutions to ensure every shipment is handled with the appropriate level of care or urgency.

Supply Chain

Healthcare Supply Chains

Dedicated healthcare supply chains utilize a combination of tracking technologies: GPS, cellular, Bluetooth/Wifi, and RFID to maintain clinical trial shipment status. 

Enhanced monitoring

Enhanced Monitoring

Clinical trial logistics teams can utilize control towers to continuously monitor critical healthcare shipments. 

Real-time visibility

Real-Time Visibility

Providing minute-by-minute view of the entire supply chain thanks to GPS tracking. Real-time visibility ensures that we can address any potential issues immediately.

Leveraging ASTS tech to improve the clinical supply chain

Impact Sensors

ACM incorporates impact sensors that detect sudden jolts, drops, or rough handling during transit. By monitoring impact events, the ASTS system ensures that clinical trial shipments remain intact and undamaged, promoting accountability and better care during transit.

Light Sensors

Light sensors help prevent unauthorized access or tampering, ensuring the security and confidentiality of sensitive pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other clinical supplies. These sensors detect when a package is opened or exposed to light outside of authorized locations, such as designated storage facilities or delivery hubs.

Customer Portal

Customers can log in, access real-time information, and monitor the progress of their shipments from pickup to delivery. Key features of the portal include shipment status updates, estimated delivery times, temperature monitoring data, and alerts for any delays or exceptions.

Learn more about how ACM's Advanced Sample Tracking Services technology can ensure safe handling for your clinical trial.

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