Smoking and Nicotine Research

Nicotine and Smoking Research

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Nicotine and Smoking Research

Providing Valuable PK Insights for Nicotine and Tobacco Research

While progress has been made to reduce the prevalence of smoking, it continues to be one of the main causes of ill health and premature death globally. In contrast, the benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and we provide support to researchers and organizations at the forefront of nicotine research.


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With over 30 years of experience in the field, our company is regarded as a world leader in smoking and nicotine replacement therapy analysis and product development.


Find an Array of Options to Support Your Nicotine Research Program

We specialize in the quantification of nicotine, cotinine and related compounds such as anabasine in plasma, serum, saliva, and urine. Our company has supported numerous Phase 1 studies of new nicotine replacement products, such as gums, sprays, and snus (buccal, or absorption through the cheek) formulations.


Our scientists have experience assisting with the research and development of products, such as e-cigarettes, which may help smokers decrease or stop their dependency on traditional cigarettes and smoking tobacco pipes.


ACM Bioanalysis has been instrumental in helping to create a variety of National Health Service (NHS) and private smoking cessation programs; similarly, we provide bioanalytical expertise and advice for clinical trials programs and research studies for universities, hospitals, and health centers that are funded by charities such as Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council.


Make an Impact in the Field of Nicotine and Tobacco Research

If you require assistance in the area of nicotine and smoking research, our analytical chemists will work with you to develop testing strategies tailored to the specific needs of your study.


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Nicotine and Smoking

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