Update: ACM Stands Strong Against COVID-19

Read the latest message from ACM Global's President, Brian Wright

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, we continue to focus on limiting the spread of the disease by implementing safeguards, and adjusting business processes to help protect the health and well-being of our employees and their families while continuing to meet the needs of our customers. 

We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us keep the lines of communication open as we navigate adjustments in our clinical trials workflow. We are here to help you navigate these changes; so, please do not hesitate to reach out to your project manager with any questions.

Our employees and leadership teams have taken great strides to stay abreast of the daily COVID-19 developments, and we are committed to supporting you by keeping you informed while maintaining transparency and business continuity in the face of the changing landscape.    

Actions We Have Taken at ACM Global Laboratories:

  • Our risk mitigation strategies are in place, and we continue to refine our preparedness and response plans to COVID-19.
  • Employees have access to the most current public health information and continue to receive updates from our site leaders in real-time.
  • Visitor restrictions have been implemented at our global sites.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitation processes have been implemented to keep our work environments safe.
  • Telecommuting policies have been implemented where appropriate, the number of on-site employees has been reduced, and are adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.

Together, our efforts will help ensure the safety of our people so we can continue providing support to our clients and to the patients they serve. We invite you to contact your ACM project manager directly should you have specific questions related to your studies.  Thank you for your patience and partnership as we collectively move through this unprecedented time.

Brian Wright

ACM Global Laboratories


COVID-19 Testing: The price of a COVID-19 test at all ACM facilities is $107.73. Based upon the funding and programs available to date patients will not be responsible for COVID-19 test costs.