ACM’s Smarter Testing™ for Oncology

Global Central Lab Extends Smarter Testing™ to Deliver Tailored Clinical Trials Testing and Expertise to Sponsors and CROs Involved in Cancer Research

Clinical Trials Testing Just Got Smarter

Cancer research is growing. The population of skilled pathologists is shrinking. 

Is Smarter Testing the answer?

With demand for pathological services in clinical trials on the rise and anatomic pathologists in increasingly short supply, access to pathologists in disease subspecialties has never been more critical. 

In response, ACM Global Laboratories has developed Smarter Testing™ for Oncology to deliver a unique service offering for clients conducting cancer research. 

The Smarter Testing for Oncology includes four key elements:

  • Access to scientific experts and subspecialty pathologists. As an affiliate of Rochester Regional Health, we offer access to a staff of more than 20 in-house pathologists, and a growing network of subspecialty pathologists and practicing oncologists.
  • An extensive oncology testing menu. We have a comprehensive list of in-house ancillary testing and maintain strategic relationships with leading reference laboratories to offer the full gamut in cutting-edge oncologic testing.
  • A continuous commitment to state-of-the-art image analytics. We embrace whole slide imaging technology, which increases our ability to scale pathology resources, and tumor cell detection and biomarker quantification software, which helps provide objective cell counts for quicker turnarounds and more accurate diagnosis. 

A Smarter Testing approach. By determining the classification of the cancer, understanding the variants in the patient, the effectiveness of a drug on a particular tumor and the markers or stains being looked at, our team ensures the most appropriate and cost-effective tests are chosen for the desired outcome and that critical trial milestones are feasible.

Smarter Testing for Oncology E-brochure