A Message from Brian Wright

A message from ACM Global Laboratories, DRUGSCAN and DSI Medical President, Brian Wright:

Today, despite our own challenges, we—as many—work diligently to deliver actionable clinical insights that can lead to therapies and treatments to provide health, healing, and hope to patients on a global scale.

Still, the events we have witnessed in our nation and community these past few days are unfathomable, and difficult to describe. Already frayed by fighting COVID-19, we witnessed the brutal death of George Floyd—a horrific event, displaying sheer brutality towards another human being that, unfortunately, is not unprecedented. Then in our own Rochester and Philadelphia communities, peaceful protests have devolved into violence.              

Each member of our ACM, RRHL, and DRUGSCAN/DSI team is touched by these tragedies—more than 1,000 of us, along with our friends, loved ones, neighbors, and families have felt the tragic impact in an already challenging time. Although many members of our team were born and raised in either Rochester or Philadelphia, our team is global. We are diverse in every possible way—race, religion, gender, ethnicity, orientation, and cultural background. And our diversity is strength. It gives us resiliency and profound empathy for the amazing communities we serve across the globe—as well as the opportunity to serve as an example of inclusion, acceptance, empathy, and true collaboration.

As our core values state, “people are our priority”, regardless of race, gender, etc…and we stand united as a company—throughout every country—in our mission to deliver hope, healing, and health to all people around the world.  

Today we are united in our grief and our resolve. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have affirmed that we will get through this together—those words mean more now than ever before. Together we can offer support to those around us knowing we will mend our hearts and communities into an even stronger example of humanity at its best. 

Thank you for your resiliency, dedication, and for supporting each other unconditionally.”

Brian Wright
ACM Global Laboratories | DRUGSCAN & DSI Medical