Case Study

Overcoming Regulatory Logistics of Importing Syringes to Brazil

Determining an alternate method of importing kits to Brazil to save on cargo shipments.

The Challenge

An ACM Global Central Laboratory client needed to import kits containing syringes to eight supply sites located in Brazil. According to Brazilian regulations, each import required a permit from the local health department and an import license. Therefore, the packages containing needles would need to be shipped to Brazil as eight separate cargo shipments. Sending kits to each site individually can lead to excessive customs fees and airline storage costs, as well as potential regulatory delays. 

Our Objective

To determine an alternative method of importing kits containing syringes to Brazil that would not require multiple costly cargo shipments.

Our Solution

By following the 3P logistics principles of clinical testing–the plan, the process and the people – ACM Global was able to define a clear strategy and solution. After analyzing the situation at hand and identifying the needs of the client, ACM Global determined that the best approach would be to contact the local CRO’s broker to review the commercial invoice for the shipment. Working directly with the broker, ACM Global was able to assess any potential amendments and uncovered an alternate method that would allow all syringes to be imported through Brazilian customs in a single shipment. Upon arrival in Brazil, the logistics partner provided domestic distribution of the shipment to each of the eight supply sites.

The Benefits

Importing the syringes as a single cargo shipment and delivering them domestically to each supply site avoided lengthy regulatory delays. The end result reduced client costs by as much as 75%.