State of the Clinical Trial Environment

The landscape of Clinical Research has shifted considerably in the last year. Consider the following before choosing a central lab partner.

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While the pressure to find a vaccine or therapeutic for the global COVID-19 pandemic seems to dominate the top fold, those executing against completely unrelated early and mid-phase clinical trials are feeling the pressure, too, in more ways than one. 

Clinical Research Amidst COVID-19

There’s no doubt, global lockdowns have placed serious interruptions on COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 related studies, despite the industry’s concentrated focus on pushing forward. Demand versus supply is an ongoing battle, pandemic aside, and as the market begins to recuperate heading into the fourth quarter, there has never been a better time for sponsors and CROs to lock in protocols.

“We’ve watched the gamut of scenarios unfold in 2020, from medical device shortages to a slowdown of timelines due to the tripling of safety measures in laboratories, all the way to increased complexity in personnel and staffing needs with ongoing demands across the globe. There’s truly been no shortage of excitement and problem-solving opportunities to tackle,” said Tom Mueller, CCO of ACM Global Laboratories. “We implore our partners, from CROs to sponsors and every third-party asset in between, to level-set and improve communication streams with an achievable goal of reducing bottlenecks throughout the trial process and managing supply chain resources efficiently.”

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We’re Ready and Able to Tackle Any Clinical Study

Throughout these unprecedented challenges, ACM has remained nimble, ready and able to tackle any study – with no slowdown due to trial size or complexity, while maintaining the ability to expedite and fast track COVID-19 studies. Fostering research collaboration and information sharing has never been more important, and while traditional timelines can span years to decades, it is clear the global market is demanding more, demanding faster, and demanding better, actionable results. 

Planning Your Next Clinical Trial?

ACM is ready for the challenge of advancing in discovery and innovation. To learn more, read about how we’ve already worked to fast track our processes and expand our COVID-19 molecular testing capabilities.

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