Central Lab Services

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

A world leader in research on smoking and nicotine replacement therapies.

As a regulated and accredited laboratory, supports smoking research through health surveys that investigate everything from the effects of passive smoking to the development of e-cigarettes to testing for carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. We are considered the leading authority on the quantification of nicotine, cotinine, 3-hydroxycotinine, anabasine and 3-hydroxypropylmercapturic acid (3-HPMA) in saliva, plasma and urine.

We provide specialized nicotine testing services to bring reduced-exposure and modified-risk products to market.

Our GLP- and GCP-accredited laboratories support hospitals, insurance companies, sports centers and clinical trials in testing or confirming individuals’ smoking habits. Our expertise helps to define the route of nicotine consumption and to develop smoking cessation therapies.

Our laboratories offer:

  • A provision of collection kits
  • Next-day turnaround from sample receipt to published results
  • High-throughput assays suitable for epidemiological studies
  • Telephone support for sample enquiries
man extracting sample

We helped champion the smoking ban in the UK.

For over 40 years, we have successfully supported nicotine pharmacokinetics and the study of smoking behavior.

Our state-of-the-art systems deliver accuracy and reliability.

We understand the need for high-quality data and the importance of finding new ways to look at clinical research, so we use only LC-MS/MS platforms to quantify and investigate the absorption and excretion of nicotine and its metabolites during the drug development process. Our testing methods range from simple sample dilution to complicated solid-phase extraction and derivatization methods.

From lead-in to turnaround, we work with your timetable.

We understand that on-time delivery is important to our clients. Our methods meet regulatory requirements and our staff has years of experience as leaders in nicotine and related chemical research to optimize the method development and validation process. Because of this, we have a head start on your study development and can advise on study design and sample collection to meet your established goals and objectives.

Our solutions and approach focus on your needs.

Our approach to development is based on your molecule and tailored to meet your specific individual requirements and goals, ensuring full satisfaction. We are proactive and take pride in the honesty and transparency we bring to the table. From initial method evaluation to study development improvements, we stay on track to meet your goals and keep you informed and involved every step of the way.