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Why I Chose ACM

Making an EPIC impact across the globe.

ACM proudly highlights the remarkable individuals that make up our global team. Collaborating across cultures and time zones, our team’s talents promote professional growth and our collective goal: to make an EPIC impact. Discover why our team members have found more than just a workplace - they’ve found a passionate and caring global community that they choose every day.

Why I Chose ACM Global Laboratories

  • Aisha Summers

    Aisha Summers | Associate Director of Clinical Trials Project Management - ACM US

    "I've been with ACM Global Laboratories since September 2022. My favorite thing about working at ACM is the team I work with. My team is inclusive and collaborative, so it was very easy to assimilate when I first joined ACM."

    Aisha thinks others should apply for a role at ACM Global Laboratories because there are so many opportunities for growth and the entire organization welcomes challenging the status quo.

    "I love my position at ACM and have no regrets!"

  • Tamzy Chowdhury

    Tamzy Chowdhury | Scientist 1 - Hematology - ACM UK

    "I've been with ACM Global Laboratories for around 1 year. My favorite thing about working here has been seeing my colleagues and participating in events organized by the social and sports groups."

    Tamzy also works at our York, UK location and began her career with ACM as a CTSM tech and moved up within the company.

    "ACM is a great company for those looking for opportunities for growth and career progression!"

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  • Tanya Chamberlain

    Tanya Chamberlain | Senior Quality Assurance Auditor - ACM UK 

    "I've been with ACM since April 2023. I had a competing offer at my previous company, but ACM was able to offer a clear career ladder and opportunities for growth! My favorite thing about working for ACM is the people! Everyone is friendly, welcoming, and willing to help."

    Tanya thinks others should apply for a role here because ACM truly acknowledges and rewards people going above and beyond.

    "There's always chances to get more involved - anyone interested in career development should apply!"

  • Phuong Nguyen-Contant

    Phuong Nguyen-Contant | Principal Scientist - ACM US

    "I came across ACM as I was transitioning from an academic career to this industry and I've been with ACM since May 2021. After I interviewed, I gained a deeper understanding of the role's scope. While it differed significantly from my previous research work, it also provided an opportunity to apply my research experience in a more translational capacity."

    As an immigrant who pursued education abroad before coming to the US, Phuong strongly resonates with ACM's DEI statement, as well.

    "It has played a significant role in providing me with opportunities for learning and growth, allowing employees to thrive in areas aligned with their passion. I see a promising future for both ACM and its employees. Personally, I appreciate the respect and attentiveness shown by leadership, making ACM feel like a second home where I'm happy to spend a significant part of my day. Additionally, ACM's commitment to work-life balance is particularly important for me as a mother with a young child."

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  • Rita Sabar

    Rita Sabar | Quality Assurance Auditor - ACM Singapore

    "I've been working with ACM since January 2022. I wanted to explore the Clinical Trial area more and had experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, so I knew ACM would be a good opportunity! My favorite thing about working here is the chance to work and collaborate with a global team."

    Rita believes others should apply for a role at ACM because there are plenty of opportunities and challenges that build you personally and professionally.

    "The team I get to work with is very supportive and collaborates well."

  • Melanie Wiest

    Melanie Wiest | Quality Assurance Auditor - ACM US

    "I've been with ACM Global Laboratories since January 2023. I wanted to move away from the Medical Device industry and learn about another industry. Plus, the people and teams I spoke with during the interview process helped me make my decision. Best interviewing and onboarding experience in my 30+ year career!"

    Melanie sees our DEI statement in the work that we do: everyone is qualified, but everyone is given the opportunity to utilize their unique skills and abilities.

    "Everyone listens to each other and doesn't turn down ideas from other perspectives."

  • Marquette-Loyd-Headshot

    Marquette Loyd | Clinical Trials Specimen Management Technician II - ACM US

    "I found the job posting on Indeed and I've been with ACM since February 2023. I decided to take on this role because it felt like an opportunity to grow in a career where you can really make a difference."

    Marquette adds a few of the positives during his time at ACM are the excellent work/life balance and the ability to work alongside people with various backgrounds and interests. Not to mention the visits from food trucks during the warmer months!

    "ACM has been a welcoming environment and CTSM is a great entry-level role that's both engaging and provides plenty of growth."

  • Rory Ellsworth

    Rory Ellsworth | Clinical Trials Project Manager - ACM US

    "I've been with ACM since July 2022 and have enjoyed working with all the people here. The PM team has been strong and very supportive and there is no internal competition. Everyone wants to help each other succeed."

    Rory believes his military career has translated well into his role with ACM. There's a strong teamwork mentality and he's willing to do anything for a team member that needs help.

    "You can make an impact in any role. I've truly attached myself to ACM's mission, trying to bring more health, hope, and healing to the world."

  • Charlotte Cowell

    Charlotte Cowell | Laboratory Supervisor, Small Molecule Bioanalysis - ACM UK

    "I've been with ACM for a little over a year and from the start it felt like a great vibe, felt like I would fit right in."

    Charlotte noted that she enjoys ACM's Sports and Social event committee since it provides a feeling of community within the workplace, an open and friendly environment, and helps everyone get to know each other. But when asked about what her favorite thing about working for ACM, she said it's her team.

    "You can have bad days but my team gets along well and someone will always help lift your mood, intentionally or unintentionally!"

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